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. good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning, december 10th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic. we need to start bundling up. >> well, wednesday, we had a couple of record highs yesterday, 60s to 70s, and they are brewing. no major problems now at the 880 split, you should have a decent drive and at the toll plaza already some people are waiting but it is not a bad delay just yet. let's go back to the desk he can. it -- let's go back to the
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desk. it started when the driver hit power lines, this was just hours ago, two people were inside the big-rig when it caught fire this morning. luckily they got out alive thanks to the quick thinking of the driver who also happened to be a volunteer firefighter. head to evacuate a juvenile detention center and tara moriarty has a live update for you coming up at 6:30. >> an incredible story after a man and woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of the street, allie has more on this investigation. the man as you mentioned, he and a woman were found bound
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and gag together in buzzel street -- busel street right in the border of those neighborhoods in san francisco. a resident in the area spotted the couple and called police last night. both victims suffered trauma and police were not able to tell us whether they had been shot beaten or stabbed. we know where the couple was found and investigators are trying to figure out where the crime occurred. >> we are reaching out to the neighborhood and to the community to see if anybody has any information about where the investigation was to find out what happened. >> san francisco police are canvassing the neighborhood and one thing they are trying to find out, where were they injured or were they drafted off after they were assaulted. police are wondering if they have surveillance video and if
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they have seen anything unusual tip 411. they are waiting for the woman to improve and hopefully once she starts to improve they will be able to talk to her and get more from the investigation that way. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> your time now 6:03, sentencing for the woman convicted of killing michelle le. giselle esteban was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of michelle le. prosecutors say it was prompted by jelly and giselle esteban could get 25 years in prison. and also the man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar, antolin garcia- torres is due to enter a plea
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this morning. he is free to some up in our next half hour. >> the search may resume. phillip mattingly has not been seen since saturday morning. he was working on their historic boat pause his boat and truck, there was no sign of him. >> police will decide whether they should search again. he is seeking support from auto workers to avert the fiscal cliff. the president will tour a suburb of detroit which is all a part of the president's plan to raise taxes on the well, the
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nest% and over the weekend, it was their first one-on-one meeting and we will hear whether any progress was made. they are expected to pass a key hurdle today. they will have to tell perspective renters whether it is smoke-free or optional. the committee takes place today and if passed, and they say employment is key to reducing violence in oakland but funding for the resource center has come into question in opposition they have put up
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illuminated billboard but they may vote to cut the amount of medical marijuana that patients are allowed to have. they scrapped current three pounds of dry levels of marijuana. with 12 immature plants and 8 ounces per patient. they are holding one more community meeting in their search for the next police chief. it is the last of four. they would lining to see he is
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retiring after more than two years. it will be on the south side on cuddle road. you can expect periodic lane closures until 5:00 a.m. over the next six months. the prints new eastern plan that is right. >> i was thinking about the bridge, let's look at what we have now. 6:07 you can see traffic is backed up to the end of that marking lot area -- parking lot area and 6:15 is when they turn on those metering lights and you start getting a backup and
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of course it will be lighter and traffic does look good getting on to the high-rise and the frost foster city area. and it's a nice drive. breezy warm for some, already a 21 mind wins. there is a big difference on the lows and coast and bay look fabulous and he said receive, no doubt about it and some rain returns. cold air holds a lot of moisture and our system will make a "b" line towards us by next week and cold is the bigger story than any rain so
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most of tuesday as well. temperatures a almost the coast, we have to deal with some cold meetings, santa rosa is reporting lows and low 50s in mountain view and everything will start moving in and breaking down that high ridge of pressure. we have a dry pattern until wednesday and mild to warm today and some of the waters team to yours will be the 70s. breezy at times 60s for some. brentwood downtown oakland 70,
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65 berkeley will be night and warm cupertino and a half moon bay as well, things start to cool down tuesday and cold arrives on wednesday with morning rain. cold air will settle in thursday and friday and it looks like more unsettled weather by the weekend. >> we now know the name of that skate boorer said 1 t1-year-old -- 21-year-old hooker son -- 21- year-old kid was on his skate book when a driver hit him. he died of his injuries and the drive did stop. a driver seriously hit and wounded a motorcyclest, it happened 10:00 p.m.
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saturday might. he hit the victim then took off. if you have any information call police. we are learning more about what killed two students. police say when they confronted him in the dorm hallway they feared for their safety and shot him. the san bernardino police department is investigating. they are getting ready for the purpose of a real live launch, plus more from the hospital, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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. >> reporter: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner had not met to negotiate for weeks. now of course both sides are private about their conversation but still no deal, they have 21 days to reach an agreement or the country goes over the fiscal cliff even if
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they come up with an international monetary fun, an agreement is imminent. >> it prevents investors, entrepreneurs and households to make decisions because they don't know what tomorrow will be. >> president barack obama heads to washington to push for the democrats' plan but democrats have quite a bit of leverage, allison bops ktvu channel 2 morning news. north korea is extending it by another week at least until december 29th. scientists found a technical deficiency in that rocket. now the u.s. thinks they are using launches like that to test missiles that could be used to hit the u.s. mainland
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but north korea said they are only using it to put a satellite into orbit. he is undergoing tests and officials have not said why he is not seeking treatment consistent with his age. he spend years in prison for fighting apart tied. he became the first black president and has since retired from public life. a former head of the international on carry fun. he accused dominic to us conn and today lawmakers will update a judge on the damage of hurricane sunday.
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the rebuilding costs are anywhere from 10 million to 20 million in various cities a long new jersey and new york and a lot of those towns are talking about whether to rebuild with wood or more durable materials. some of the locals say it is not a boardwalk without the woot but others say the wood is not strong enough. they are relieved to hear more than 500 workers walked off the job last month. they are providing a new four- year contract and it includes a cost of living pay raise for 2013 and 2014 and a $3,500 signing bonus. the port commissioner still has to approve the new contract. police will are whapping
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for drivers for having a suspended lice since. if found, they will be arrested and could have -- license. if found they they could be arrested and could have their car impounded. we are seeing more of the key spots as you might imagine on this monday. let's look at what we have on interstate 880, and it's windy as steve mentioned. i agree, just by looking, there are no major problems as you dry -- drive through and traffic is backed up beyond the 880 over crossing getting into the area. we have a trash at 280 and 87
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and watch for the lane to be blocked northbound 280 as you come up on 87. it is not causing a huge traffic jam but it just might. >> we have patchy fog out to the valley and maybe off in santa rosa, and the county airport. definitely a northeast breeze coming off the higher elevations, mission peek and fremont. it will be the place to be downtown oakland, that northeast wind will help some but for others it is cold, sunny and mild to warm breezy at times. in santa rosa some are saying, what topline warm, it is 39 and there is 60 in downtown oakland and at the airport. 21 miles per hour at the oakland airport.
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mostly sunny, mild to warm, the dry was the end starts to change monday. i don't think it will be a lot. a quarterbacker 60s on the temperatures to 70-degree the oakland and it almost helps with an offshore breeze. rains increase and it will be a cold rain monday and tuesday and that will last thursday into friday and signs of a more unsettled pattern over the weekend. they are now offering digital gift cards. it will be used at any business except square wallet. but it could payoff for square
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. welcome back, time now 6:30, a workshop to keep your bike from being stolen. police are investigating bike thefts and we will show you what locks to use and how it keep bikes safe. by the way, you have to register in advance.
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san jose police are stepping up patrols after a 14- year-old boy was stabbed after christmas in the park celebration. it happened while the event was in full swing. the teen was stabbed in the chest and arm and police say his injuries are not life- threatening. they can't recall anything like this during a downtown celebration. >> this will keep me more aware and constantly keeping an eye on the girls making sure everything is okay. >> police believe it was gang related and police are still searching for the three people who ran from the scene. what is happening on 280? >> well, it is slow, things are getting a little more slow in some spots, for the morning commute let's go outside taking a look at northbound 280 and 87, there is a crash on the
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shoulder and watch for slowing in that area. you havestein just a few minutes ago in san jose. >> a breeze is picking up and it is really mild to warm especially around the coast and around the bay, oakland airport and also downtown. it is 60 degrees and we have other areas in the upper 30s. breezy and mild, big changes coming up on wednesday, more coming up later, dave. the death of an antioch man leaves families and friends empty this morning, why police are asking for your help. and police are called a hero after this big-rig fire in san jose and pam has your early stock numbers.
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stay tuned. you doing?
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. welcome back, good news for the nasdaq, it is part of the dow jones industrial average, and over on the nasdaq, telemundo, they are celebrating their success for spanish television. i wish we could take a peek at times square. this is going to include a flash mob dance for the entire square and that should be entertaining and if we catch that we will bring it to you. but still concerns about the fiscal cliff, we have concerns still coming up. >> and there is the opening bell, we will say good morning,
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i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30. in just a couple of hours, a man accused of killing sierra lemar will be back in court. ktvu channel 2 morning news' jeanine della vega is in san jose to tell us about separate charges antolin garcia-torres is now facing. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres is being housed at the county jail and in a few hours he will be escorted to the courthouse where he will be expected to enter a plea in the sierra lemar case. he will be arraigned in a separate case involving three other women. he was charged with three attempted kidnapping charges which stemmed from 2009. he is accused of kidnapping three women. he was 17 years old at that time but is charged as an adult. he was arrested for the missing teen sierra lemar.
6:32 am
authorities say her dna was found in his car and his dna was found on her clothing and that's what helped to link him to the attacks. garcia torez's plea hearings will start this afternoon. jean mean della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. a big-rig caught fire after hitting some power lines. tara moriarty is first on the scene at 4:30. tara, we understand the driver is actually a hero, a volunteer firefighter? >> yes, it was his quick thinking, he knew he had to jump out and away from the truck to avoid being electrocuted. one thing we want to mention firefighters had a huge
6:33 am
challenge. head to wait for pg&e crews to arrive because of the live wires. you can see the big risk behind me and they waited more than an hour for pg&e so that is how long the fire burned. we could feel the heat just yards away when we arrived at 4:15 this morning and just hours before that two men were trapped inside when it snagged a power line. the pair were delivering laundry to the juvenile detention center off fairmont drive. he takes this route many times but for some reason he hit a wire. he happened to be a volunteer firefighter and he knew they had to jump away from the truck in order to avoid being elect cuted. they had -- electrocuted. they had to spray 100,000
6:34 am
pounds of fire retard can't. >> yes, it was a pretty good show on top of the hill like this. after he saw the sparks we knew he had to act quickly. 30 will be evacuated from sweeney calm just as a precautionary measure and again nobody was hurt and that's the good news this morning and there is also very little damage except to the big-rig itself. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest for a fatal shooting in broad daylight near jack london square. he was shot just before 3:00 saturday afternoon. homicide detectives do not know a motive and they do not know of any information.
6:35 am
>> reporter: they will be laid to rest. 15-year-old's best friend was held over the weekend. they were found early in the morning and each had been shot multiple times. no arrests had been made. the time now 6:34, the city's latest homicide victims. mourningers -- mourners gathered, he was shot to death inside his car 11:00 p.m. saturday. the police investigation continues. two australian disjockeys are apologizing about the call they made, a call that led to a nurse's suicide. coming up at 6:45, why the d.j. said they thought the joke would be on them and the
6:36 am
possible consequences they may now face. they may discuss a strike that has created a shortage of the tell cassie. the sellout crowd tasted dishes from the local chef and they say it has been bad for business. >> fisherman's wharf is what you come for. >> crab fishermen from half- moon bay to bodega bay, they cut it from $3 or less because of slowing demands. are they wide awake. >> they are, maybe too wide awake and traffic is backed up to the mcarthur maze and we will look at the live picture of the toll plaza and westbound traffic is backed up for at
6:37 am
least a 20 minute delay before you get into san francisco. no major problems and again once you get on to the bridge it does look good and nice clear weather which is why i suspect it is so cold. 880 north and southbound, and that's also part of cease forecast. northbound 280 just on the right shoulder and beyond that, 280 is slow and so is 101 after the 280 interchange. let's go to steve. >> glad you are back. good reports coming in. it is clear out there and sal is right, we have an easterly breeze. a couple of record highs, kent field 70 degrees and oakland airport, it will be close again today. sunshine breezy, we are warming to some fog and for some it is
6:38 am
really cold, and cold air arrives wednesday and thursday. it looks good and some of those cameras a bouncing around. they are breezy and windy at times. 39 santa rosa, 39 oakland and fairfield. mainly 40s and some cold readings and there are some mild with that offshore breeze coming off the hills. our big change for wednesday is where you expect the cold to be right in the gulf of alaska and it will kick the high out of here starting tuesday and wednesday. our dry pattern continues until wednesday and again the screaming message is the cold air. highs will go to 60s and 70s and low-to-mid 50s on the eye for tuesday and wednesday.
6:39 am
patch here fog especially coming back in from the valley. 66 novato, it doesn't get any better than this, this time of year. hayward 65 degrees, santa cruz, what, yes same for milpitas, 65 half-moon bay, 65 woodside a long menlo park, and tuesday increasing clouds, wednesday a cold rain arrives and cold air arrives thursday and friday and we will have more rain on sunday. cold air is coming and it is snowing in parts of the mid- worst, they brought high winds and in fact i had a record 10
6:40 am
inches in minnesota yesterday. >> die heart sports fans. >> i am driving through there because they may have -- diehard sports fans, i am driving through there because they may have some stuff for me. >> minnesota transportation officials are telling everybody stay home because it is icy out there. several highways are closed and there have been a lot of crashes already reported. the day finally came for them over the weekend. a couple of same sex marriages and i could not be happier. >> it is such a special day for the state and for all of the other couples here.
6:41 am
>> 9 states allowed same sex partners to mary and 40 of them do not and some do have written bands in the constitution and they could provide a sweeping ruling that will end those bands. we have been talking about it all weekend, dallas cowboys player, why josh brent got out and what he is saying about his friend and former teammate. it is hard to believe they are vet busy getting them out to their homes why today is the bit ofest day of the year. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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. this is in san leandro, it started early when the big-rig hit power lines and reportedly
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two people were inside but they got out safely, thanks to the quick thinking of the driver who is a volunteer firefighter. tara moriarty was there first before anybody else and she is coming back with a live update in our next half hour. san francisco police are investigating the gagging of a man and woman found in a san francisco street. the man has died and the woman was badly hurt. version are waiting to talk to the woman so they could ask her what happened. and president barack obama flies to michigan and he is trying to avert the fifth call cliff. some -- fiscal cliff. some say they are willing to go along with the tax plan to raise taxes on wealthy americans. they are estimating they
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will process more than 200 packages per second. brian flores joins us for this record-breaking day, my goodness, i feel like i am behind if i don't get my packages out today. >> reporter: that may be the case but yes, 19 packages overall that started on thanksgiving and i can't believe christmas is already two and a half weeks away but look, many of these pack ands are here and they may be going to homes in the area. to talk about more how this process goes, he is the operations manager here for fedex. good morning, very busy out there. thanks for coming. here we are busiest day of the year, we have 110 employees looking to move out all of the packages and we have our full staff of people getting packages out that we pick up
6:47 am
this afternoon. >> we understand this is actually the busiest shopping day and how are you guys preparing and getting ready? >> well, it's all hands on deck, we have to rent vehicles to accommodate it, and everyone will be here. talk to me about the process, talk to me about how one package comes from one part of the country to another. >> this is our big facility and from oakland throughout the bay area station it comes to our station and we have the ramp down to san francisco and from there packages get distributed and it is easy going. >> very busy day here at the fedex facility and for now brian flores, live in san
6:48 am
francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two australian djs have made a tearful apology for what they did that led to a nurse's suicide. >> if we had any idea something like this could be even possible to happen, you know we could not see this happening, it was meant to be a prank call. >> the djs have faced worldwide outrage where they pretended to be prince charles and queen a elizabeth. >> we assumed with the voices we put on we would be told off and that was the gag. >> an -- the stress they believe may have prompted the nurse to take her own life. the show has been canceled and there are no plans for the djs to go back on the air. the dallas cowboys have been arrested for manslaughter
6:49 am
and they are now free. they were released from jail on $500,000 bond and he says, quote, he is just trying to deal with the death of his friend jerry brown, he said was his best friend. the car flipped over fatally wounding brown. brown was on the practice squad and had been living with brent. and they are blaming bad construction for the devastating -- devastating death toll. the office building collapsed last year during a magnitude 6.1 in christ's church. they determined that building was badly designed. 185 people died totally. well, apple has admitted it may also be deadly. drivers are making wrong turns based on the apple maps.
6:50 am
coming up on mornings on 2, we will tell you how that app is blamed on life-threatening situations. right now it is 6:49 we are coming over to sal, what are you looking at, sal? this one just came in, pam, dave, watch for slowed traffic in that area and we also have slowed traffic in san jose, not one but two crashes near 87 and one just up the road there you can see it on the right shoulder and traffic is slow getting into the valley on 280 but 101 is also slow from 280 so we are on to a slow start in the south bay. taking a look at the westbound bay bridge, that is very slow. we had a number of stalled vehicles so if you are trying to get in, either you carpool or allow for a 30-to-40 minute delay. contra costa is moderate and pleasant hill is beginning to
6:51 am
slow to the area. steve? she said oh, my gosh, steve, it is like alaska cold out there. i said wait until wednesday, it will really be a has charge cold -- alaska cold. we have 50s on the highs and by wednesday night it will be cold around here. we have clear skies, rather windy to breezy and it is nice friday to sunday, no biggy though. also around the delta and east bay, once it burns off, it will be sunny and the best temperatures will be around the coast. a little sunny and berkeley hills and mt. diablo it is an easterly breeze, santa rosa, 37, yet closer to town it is in the upper 30s , and 60 degrees in oakland. not only oakland but downtown
6:52 am
and we have some mild ones, with a classic pattern where the coast and bay is warm in many locations. dry until wednesday and we will have rain until wednesday. this is nothing compared to what we had a week ago and that was a warm pattern and this will be a colder one. today looks really nice, patchy fog, winds at times and that's an offshore breeze. vallejo, oakland brentwood antioch walnut creek and concord, walnut creek looks good too. milpitas can be a benefit of that easterly breeze and milpitas as well. on the peninsular as well mid-
6:53 am
to-upper 60s. everything starts to turn tomorrow, clouds increase tuesday and we have a half inch and there comes the cold air compared to today. we carry that into friday and we have more unsettled patterns over the weekend. this is a record day for fedex and we could have online holiday shopping. and for the 37 days between november 1 up compared to last year, now the stores are taking stems to keep shoppers coming in there. banana public is featuring a different surprise each day. the surprise is anywhere from discounts to chocolate. and last minute holiday shoppers, we will have some help from macies and most of the stores will stay open 48 hours straight for the weekend
6:54 am
before christmas. is it starts december 23l1rdl0 and many are open, get your christmas shopping done. >> there is a lost men out there. >> i know. >> there is $6 million in federal money, what transit official want to do with -- officials want to do with it. john mcafee faces questions over the death of his neighbor, we will have more, stay tuned.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
. john mcafee says he wants to come back and live the rest of his life here. >> i have dual citizenship i would be happy to go to england or america where i was raised and that's exactly what i want. >> john mcafee is in a you' all mall la detention -- guatemala detention center. john mcafee says he was not involved in the murder of his neighbor. they will get a large share of federal transportation funds. they have requested $6.6 million for this year's prices but the sonoma transportation
6:58 am
authority only has $10 million in funding and is dealing with $38 million in requests from various cities. >> can you help the folks at mcarthur maze? >> yes, i wanted to show you this picture of all the slow traffic around the berkeley curve. this is because we had nothing major but several stalled vehicles on the bridge. also this morning's commute is busy, it is not stop and go and if you are driving that is moderately heavy. >> cold for some, there are big dips in the temperatures and upper -- differences in the temperatures and upper 50s and 60s. nice today big change by wednesday and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. also on mornings on 2, we were first on the scene when a big-rig burst into flames in the east bay.
6:59 am
we will tell you how the quick thinking of the driver may have saved their lives. and a tragic update which came just hours ago in the city's district, stay right here

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